Friday, February 03, 2006


on the balcony he stood
that warm december morning
a silent prayer escaped
as he saw her below
a vision crossing the street

not a stranger, not a lover yet
but his heart ached so pleasantly
when she was with him
he was not going back
he had to let her know

the words came out
long after his touch had said it all
and as she reached out
he pulled her in his arms
and closed his eyes
nothing else mattered

Venus de Milo with a grin
child woman, light and darkness
shy and tender, hot and wild
fresh and fragrant, wet and musky
she was a dream, she was life

thought he had grown older
thought he had seen and done it all
but as she came in his thoughts
he had never felt more alive
he was at peace, he was in love
he was finally home, with her