Monday, February 16, 2009

We all live our lives thinking that we are immune, and the bad things that happen to everyone around us will not affect us. We pray to our own personal imaginary gods, and believe that they will take care of us.

For the first time ever since I started working, my current company delayed our salaries for 7 whole days without a single notice or email from the senior management. The mobile bill reimbursements and the food/Sodexho coupons had been stopped 2 months ago. No intimation, no explanation.

S and I have decided to postpone our plan for purchasing an apartment. There’s too much uncertainty floating around.

The black sheep of the family finally left us. No, that’s not exactly right. My 2nd eldest brother died sometime in January, he was around 36 years old. Some cried, while a few others like me weren’t able to shed a tear or feel a thing. All I could feel was this overwhelming pity and disbelief over how one single person could trash all the million opportunities he had and destroyed everything and everyone around him. He fucked everyone’s happiness and just left all the shit behind without ever realizing his follies or repenting for a single minute.

My elder brother in the US and I have decided to take care of his 2 kids. I will take care of the boy while my brother will take care of his elder sister, our niece. I talked to my kid brother too, and told him that he may have to contribute depending on what the cousin I’m currently sponsoring decides to do after his 12 exams.

I don’t know where and when I will ever meet you again my dickhead brother. But let me tell you this, you had it easy bro’ and mom was there all the time to cover for you, and protect you. I will find you and make you pay one day. Make you pay for all the things you did to the people I love.

I have this feeling that we Indians are very closely related to the Koreans. Indian movies usually have the love-triangle while the Koreans have the love-quadrilateral. Every time I see a commercial or romantic Korean movie, I find 4 very confused and righteous people stretching on their loves, honours, sacrifices, and penances forever.

I always tell S that my principles are very different. If I want a woman, I will get her and everything and everyone can go to hell. In fact, S’s last boyfriend (before me!) was sort of a millionaire who has his own company. When I came into the picture, their relationship was not COMPLETELY over, but in about a year’s time she was COMPLETELY mine. I didn’t exactly play the part of a millionaire but I used my credit card a helluva lot!!!

RocknRolla, The Reader, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, and Taken are absolute delights, don’t miss them.