Tuesday, October 07, 2008

There must be some way out of here
Said the joker to the thief
There's too much confusion
I can't get no relief
Business men they drink my wine
Plowmen dig my earth
None of them along the line
know what any of it is worth
- All Along the Watchtower by Bob Dylan

There’s just no way out, all channels of investment have been hit. In spite of what the experts say about the Asian or Indian economy, I have my doubts. Forget the Mutual Funds, the stocks & shares, the PPF, the NSC, the government bonds….I’m seriously thinking of taking out my money from my savings account and keeping it under my pillow.

Had been postponing the cleaning and re-arranging of my tapes for a long long time. 17 GB of MP3s on my PC has made me neglect the tapes. But last weekend, I decided enough was enough. I pulled out the drawers, poured out (literally) all the tapes on the carpet, and rubbed & scrubbed each and every tape cover with a piece of cloth soaked in Colin. Took me more than 3 hours but in the end I got this….

The one-album wonders. Me and my friends used to call all these bands that released amazing out-of-this-world albums but couldn’t follow it up with anything worthwhile afterwards. Every single song in all these albums is GOOD; collector’s item I would definitely say.

Soul Asylum - Grave Dancers Union
Soundgarden – Superunknown
Spin Doctors - Pocket Full of Kryptonite
Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind
Blind Melon – Blind Melon
Audioslave – Audioslave
Little Angels – Young Gods
Collective Soul – Collective Soul
Maroon5 – Songs about Jane
Ugly Kid Joe – America’s Least Wanted

The cleaning work also turned up a few gems – Lizzy Borden’s “Deal with the Devil” and Lenny Wolf’s (Kingdom Come) “Too”.

"Most of us go to our graves with our music still inside of us”


Saltwater Blues said...

Saw your comment on Eve's. Didn't know you got married. Many congratulations!

Re: the present financial crisis, they way the markets are headed I'd say even under your pillow is not safe anymore. Somebody who's lost everything just might find a way to steal it from you.

Cheers and all the best once again.


Monika said...

loved the last qoute :)

LostLittleGirl said...

Just spent the greater part of my night going through your archives. You write so well, and the way you understand women..makes me hopeful for the men in this world. :)

Good luck on post marriage life. Hope everything works out for you

Dreamcatcher said...

Me too, loved the last quote. And you got married! Wow! Congratulations :)

White Magpie said...

Collective soul and Audioslave definitely...

And you got married? :o